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NCERT Solutions Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 9 What Happened to the Reptiles

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Qus.1 In what way is Pambupatti different from any other village?

Ans. Pambupatti was different from other villages because there were  many kinds of people lived there—dark, fair, tall, short. They spoke many languages. Some ate meat, some did not. Some prayed in a small temple at the edge of the forest. Others prayed in a mosque some miles away.

Qus.2 Why is Prem determined not to return to his village?

Ans. Prem was determined never to return to his village because he burned with shame at the hate and violence in his village.

Qus.3 Why did Makara dislike tortoises, snakes and lizards? Write a line about each.

Ans. Makara disliked tortoises because he thought they were slow and stupid and they carried their houses on their backs. He disliked snakes because according to him they were slimy and made funny noises. The reason he disliked lizards was because they had the strangest habits and some of them even changed colours.

Qus.4 What went wrong when the tortoises, snakes and lizards left the forest?

Ans. When the tortoises, snakes and lizards left the forest, everything went wrong. The dead bodies of animals started rotting, and the smell of rot spread all over the forest. The rats grew bolder by the day. The frogs grew bigger and started eating the baby crocodiles. The insects were there in millions, and they were growing bigger and nastier by the day

Qus.5 Why do you think Prem wants to tell the story of the reptiles to the people of his village?

Ans. Prem wanted to tell the story of the reptiles to the people of his village so that they would realize their mistake. He wanted them to stop hating each other and put an end to the violence.

Qus.6 Do you agree that it is difficult not to go along with someone who is very strong and powerful?

Ans. Yes, it is very difficult not to go along with someone who is very strong and powerful. This is because of the feeling of fear.

Qus.7 If you were a baby crocodile, would you tell Makara that he was wrong? What would you say to convince him?

Ans. Yes, if I was a baby crocodile, I would tell Makara that he was wrong. I would tell him that all the awful things like the rot in the forest and the increasing populations of rats, frogs and insects were because he had sent the tortoises, snakes and lizards away.

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