NCERT Solutions Class 8 English it so happened Chapter 8 Jalebis

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NCERT Solutions Class 8 English it so happened Chapter 8 Jalebis

The purpose of ncert solution for class 8 english it so happened is only to give good education. NCERT Solutions Class 8 English it so happened Chapter 8 Jalebis prepared with the help of National Council of Educational Research and Training. The question answers of class 8th English book NCERT are designed keeping in mind the CBSE syllabus. Check out the NCERT solutions for 8th class English book lessons from below.

Class : 8
Subject : English (it so happened)
Chapter : 8 Jalebis

Comprehension check:-

Qus 1. Why didn’t he pay the school fees on the day he brought money to school ?

Ans. On that day, the teacher who collected fees was on leave. So he did not pay the school fees on the day he brought money to school.

Qus.2 (i) What were the coins ‘saying’ to him ?

Ans. The coins were asking him to spend them on buying crisp and hot Jalebis.

(ii) Do you think they were misguiding him ?

Ans. Yes, they were misguiding him. He was a good boy but they were enticing him to go on a wrong way.

Qus 3. Why didn’t he take the coins’ advice ? Give two or three reasons.

Ans. He considered himself a good boy. He got enough to eat at home. That was his fees money and he did not want to spend it. So he did not take to the coins advice.

Qus.4 (i) What did the oldest coin tell him ?

Ans.  The oldest coin told him to enjoy hot Jalebis by spending them today and to pay the school fees with the scholarship money he would get the next day.

(ii) Did he follow his advice ? If not, why not ?

Ans. No, he did not follow his advice. He said that he was not a common sort of boy who could be taken in so easily. It was below his status to eat Jalebis standing in the market place.

Qus 5. He reached home with the coins in his pocket. What happened then ?

Ans. When he reached home, the coins began to speak and shriek. He was fed up with their noises and rushed out of the house barefooted and ran towards the bazaar.

Comprehension Check:-

Qus.1 (i) Why didn’t he eat all the jalebis he had bought ?

Ans. He bought Jalebis of one rupee. They were very cheap. He got a big heap of Jalebis. He ate full of his capacity but he could not eat them all.

(ii) What did he do with the remaining jalebis ?

Ans. He distributed the remaining Jalebis among the boys gathered around him.

Qus 2. “The fear was killing me.” What was the fear ?

Ans. The author had eaten so much Jalebis that he could not digest them. He feared lest a jalebi or two should come out of his mouth with every burp.

Qus 3. “Children’s stomachs are like digestion machines.” What do you understand by that? Do you agree ?

Ans. It means that children can digest everything easily whatever they eat. They have a fast digestion. I do agree with this statement. The author was fine the next morning after eating so much Jalebis.

Qus 4. How did he plan to pay the fees the next day ?

Ans. He had a plan that he would pay the fees from the scholarship amount that he was going that next day.

Qus 5. When it is time to pay the fees, what does he do ? How is he disobeying the elders by doing so ?

Ans. When it is time to pay the fees, he leaves the school and reaches the railway station. He sits there under a shady tree. His elders had warned him never to cross the railway tracks but he disobeys them.

Comprehension Check:-

Qus 1. What was the consequence of buying jalebis with the fees money ?

Ans. He had spent the fees money on buying Jalebis. Now he was keeping himself absent from the school. It was for the first time that he was absent from the school.

Qus 2. His prayer to God is like a lawyer’s defence of a bad case. Does he argue his case well ? What are the points he makes ?

Ans. He says that he has done a mistake by spending the fees money on Jalebis. He says if he knew that he would not get the scholarship money the next day, he would never spend the fees money on Jalebis. He argues his case well.

Qus 3. He offers to play a game with Allah Miyan. What is the game ?

Ans. The game is that the author will go from there to a signal. When he goes, Allah Miyan will secretly place four rupees under the rock.  

Qus 4. Did he get four rupees by playing the game ? What did he get to see under the rock ?

Ans. No, he did not get four rupees by playing the game. He got to see a big hairy worm under the rock.

Qus 5. If God had granted his wish that day, what harm would it have caused him in later life ?

Ans.  If God had granted his wish that day , in later life he would have become a passive boy full of false excuses.

Exercise :-

Work in small groups:-

Qus 1. Select and read sentences that show

  • That the boy is tempted to eat jalebis
  • That he is feeling guilty.
  • That he is justifying a wrong deed

Ans. But then these Jalebis are no common sort of Jalebis either. They are crisp, fresh and full of sweet syrup.

So all right, I admit, I made a mistake.

If Allah Miyan had sent me four rupees that day , what harm could it have possibly caused anyone?

Qus 2. Discuss the following points.

  • Is the boy intelligent? If so, what is the evidence of it?
  • Does his outlook on the jalebis episode change after class VIII? Does he see that episode in a new light?
  • Why are coins made to ‘talk’ in this story? What purpose does it serve?

Ans. Yes, the boy is intelligent. He was among the most promising students of the school. He won a scholarship in fourth standard. He had never been absent from the school earlier.

Yes his outlook on the Jalebis episode change after class VIII. He thinks if Allah Miyan were to provide all for the asking , then man would have been idle and lazy.

The coins are made to talk to create humour in the story. It serves the purpose that money can misguide even a wise person to do a foolish thing.

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