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NCERT Solutions Class 7 English honeycomb Chapter 5 Quality

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Students can get through this article NCERT Solutions Class 7 English honeycomb Chapter 5 Quality. Complete solution of honeycomb class 7 lesson 5 is given in this article. class 7 English book honeycomb question answer is completely free. Students can prepare for the examination in a better way with the help of question answers for class 7 English chapter 5. Let us then see below the ncert solutions for class 7 english honeycomb chapter 5 Quality.

NCERT Solutions Class 7 English honeycomb Chapter 5 Quality

The purpose of NCERT solutions for class 7 English honeycomb is only to give good education. NCERT Solutions Class 7 English honeycomb Chapter 5 Quality prepared with the help of National Council of Educational Research and Training. The question answers of class 7th English book NCERT are designed keeping in mind the CBSE syllabus. Check out the NCERT solutions for 7th class English book lessons from below.

Class : 7
Subject : English honeycomb
Chapter : 5 Quality

working with the Text

Answer the following questions:-

Qus.1 What was the author’s opinion about Mr Gessler as a bootmaker ?

Ans. In the author’s opinion Mr. Gessler was a quality bootmaker. He made the best boots. He was a true artist of his trade.

Qus.2  Why did the author visit the shop so infrequently ?

Ans. The author visited the shop whenever he needed boots. But the boots made by Gessler lasted very long. So he visited the shop so infrequently.

Qus.3 What was the effect on Mr Gessler of the author’s remark about a certain pair of boots ?

Ans. He expected the author to withdraw or qualify his statement. He could not believe the author’s remark. Lastly he said that he would not charge any money for those bad boots.

Qus.4 What was Mr Gessler’s complaint against “ big firms “ ?

Ans.  His complaint was that the big firms had no self – respect. They make inferior boots and sell them by making advertisement.

Qus.5  Why did the author order so many pairs of boots ? Did he really need them ?

Ans. Mr Gessler’s financial condition was very bad. The author wanted to help him. So he ordered so many pairs of boots. Though he really did not need those boots.

Working with Language:-

Qus.1  Study the following phrases and their meanings . Use them appropriately to complete the sentences that follow:-

look after : take care of

look down on : disapprove or regard as inferior

look in (on someone) : make a short visit

look into : investigate

look out : be careful

look up : improve

look up to : admire

(i) After a very long spell of heat , the weather is ______ at last.

(ii) We have no right _____ people who do small jobs.

(iii) Nitin has always ____ his uncle , who is a self – made man.

(iv) The police are _____ the matter thoroughly.

(v) If you want to go out , I will  ____ the children for you.

(vi) I promise to _____ on your brother when I visit Lucknow next.

(vii) _____ when you are crossing the main road.

Ans. Looking up , look down on , looked up to , looking into , look after , look in , look out

Qus.2  Read the following sets of words loudly and clearly

Cot – coat

Cost – coast

tossed – toast

got – goat

rot – rote

blot – bloat

knot – note


Cot           कॉट            Coat            कोट

Cost         कॉस्ट           Coast         कोस्ट

Tossed      टॉस्ड            Toast          टोस्ट

Got            गॉट            Goat            गोट

Rot             रॉट            Rote             रोट

Blot            ब्लॉट           Bloat            ब्लॉट

Knot           नॉट            Note             नोट

Qus.3  Each of the following words contains the sound ‘ sh ‘ ( as in shine ) in the beginning or in the middle or at the end . First speak out all the words clearly . Then arrange the words in three groups in the table on page 80 .

Sheep         trash           marsh        fashion

Anxious      shriek         shore         fish

Portion      ashes           sure            nation

Shoe      pushing       polish        moustache


Initial               Medial             Final

Sheep               Anxious            Trash

Shoe                  Ashes               Marsh

Shriek               Pushing              Polish

 Shore               Fashion              Fish

 Sure                  Nation        Moustache


Qus.4  In In each of the following words ‘ch’ represents the same consonant sound as in ‘chair’. The word on the left have this sound initially.  This on the right have it finally.  Speak each other words correctly.

Choose        Bench

Child            March

Cheese        Peach

Chair            Wretch

Charming     Research

Underline the letters representing this sound in each of the following words:-

(i) Feature (ii) Archery (iii) Picture (iv) Reaching (v) Nature (vi) Matches (vii) Riches (viii) Batch (ix) Church

Ans. Feature,  Archery, Picture, Reaching, Nature, Matches, Riches, Batch, Church


Qus.1 Do you think Mr Gessler was a failure as a bootmaker or as a competitive businessman ?

Ans.  As a bootmaker Mr Gessler was very successful. He used the best quality of leather. He made quality boots. The boots made by him lasted for a long time. But as a competitive bootmaker he was a failure. He never made compromise with the quality of leather. He never advertised his boots. So he lost his business. Due to his failure in business , he died of slow starvation.

Qus.2 What is the significance of the title ? To whom or to what does it refer ?

Ans. The title of the story ‘ Quality ‘ is quite appropriate. It refers to both the bootmaker and the boots made by him. Mr. Gessler was a quality bootmaker. He use the best quality of leather. He made quality boots. He never made comp to the quality of his boots. For the sake of the quality of his boots he sacrificed his life in the hands of poverty.


  • Notice the way Mr. Gessler speaks English. His English is influenced by his mother tongue. He speaks English with an accent.
  •  When Mr Gessler speaks , p, t, k. sound like b, d, g. Can you say these words as Mr Gessler would say them ?

It comes and never stops . Does bother me ? Not at all . Ask my brother , please .

Ans. Id gomes and never sdops. Dies id bother me ? Nod ad all. Asg my brother , please.

Que.4 Speak to five adults in your neighbourhood. Ask them the following questions (in any language they are comfortable in). Then come back and share your findings with the class.

(i) Do they buy their provisions packed in plastic packets at a big store , or loose , from a smaller store near their house ?

(ii) Where do they buy their footwear ? Do they buy branded footwear , or footwear made locally ? What reasons do they have for their preference ?

(iii) Do they buy ready – made clothes , or buy cloth get their clothes stitched by a tailor ? Which do they think is better ?

Ans. (i) Some of my neighbours  buy their provisions from the smaller stores near their house . Others prefer to visit the bigger stores and buy packed provisions , as everyone has different views on quality .

(ii) People buy footwear for different shops.  For regular and daily use , people prefer to buy the cheaper, locally made but sturdier footwear. For special occasions, like when going to parties or weddings, people prefer to buy fancier, costlier branded footwear to stand out in the crowd.

(iii) Most people, including office –  made clothing for daily wear as it’s easily available in different sizes, styles, prices, and colours. For special occasions though, they prefer to buy cloth and have it stitched by a tailor in the style of their choice . School going children also need to get their uniforms stitched by a tailor. Plus – sized people prefer to buy cloth and get them stitched by a tailor, as most stores don’t stock clothing in their sizes and they often have to compromise in fit, style, and quality .

Qus.5  Look at the picture.

51643745234 791d6c6df7 n

Let pairs of students talk to each other about leaving the country . One student repeats Ajit’s statement.  The other gives a  reason for not agreeing with Ajit . The sentence openings given below should be used.

  • If I leave this country . I’ll miss ….
  • There are some things which you can get only here , for example ….
  • There are some special days I’ll miss , particularly …
  • Most of all I’ll miss … because …
  •  I think it’s impossible for me to leave my country because …
  • How can you leave your own country except when … ?
  • Depends on one’s intention. I can’t leave for good because ……
  • Maybe for a couple of years.

Ans. 1. Friends and relatives.

2. Your customs and traditions.

3. Holi, Diwali and Baisakhi.

4. You, because you are the person whom I love most on this earth.

5. I love my country and countrymen very much.

6. You get everything here.

7. I want to earn a lot of money for the safe future of my family.

8. I can’t leave my country for ever.


Qus.1  Based on the following points write a story.

  • Your aunt has gone to her mother’s house .
  • Your uncle does his cooking .
  •  He is absent – minded .
  • He puts vegetables on the store.
  •  He begins to clean his bicycle outside .
  • The neighbour calls out saying something is burning .
  • Your uncle rushes to the kitchen .
  • To save vegetables , he puts some oil on them .
  •  Unfortunately , it’s machine oil , not cooking oil .
  • What do you think happens to the vegetables ?

 Begin like this : Last month my aunt decided to visit her parents …

Ans. My Uncle’s Cooking Skills

Last month my aunt decided to visit her parents. My uncle was left alone in the house. He decided to cook food himself at home. He put vegetables on the stove. He is an absent – minded fellow. He began to clean his bicycle outside. He forgot about the vegetables. One of the neighbours called out. Something was burning. The uncle rushed to the kitchen. To save vegetables from burning, he put some oil on them. Unfortunately it was machine oil , not cooking oil. The whole house was full of smoke and smell. The vegetables were spoiled. The kitchen had turned black.

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Students must have been very happy to get NCERT Solutions Class 7 English honeycomb Chapter 5 Quality. It is our endeavor to give better knowledge to the students. Students can visit the website of ‘’ for more details of NCERT Books or Sample Papers etc.

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