NCERT Solutions Class 7 English honeycomb Chapter 6 Expert Detectives

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Students can get through this article NCERT Solutions Class 7 English honeycomb Chapter 6 Expert Detectives. Complete solution of honeycomb class 7 lesson 6 is given in this article. class 7 English book honeycomb question answer is completely free. Students can prepare for the examination in a better way with the help of question answers for class 7 English chapter 6. Let us then see below the ncert solutions for class 7 english honeycomb chapter 6 Expert Detectives.

NCERT Solutions Class 7 English honeycomb Chapter 6 Expert Detectives

The purpose of NCERT solutions for class 7 English honeycomb is only to give good education. NCERT Solutions Class 7 English honeycomb Chapter 6 Expert Detectives prepared with the help of National Council of Educational Research and Training. The question answers of class 7th English book NCERT are designed keeping in mind the CBSE syllabus. Check out the NCERT solutions for 7th class English book lessons from below.

Class : 7
Subject : English honeycomb
Chapter : 6 Expert Detectives

Comprehension Check:-I

Qus.1 What did Nishad give Mr Nath? Why ?

Ans. Nishad gave Mr Nath a bar of chocolate. He did so because he thought Mr Nath was starving.

Qus.2 What is “strange” about Mr Nath’s Sundays ?

Ans. On Sunday a friend of Mr Nath visited him for a lunch.

Qus.3 Why did Nishad and Maya get a holiday?

Ans. The whole town was flooded with the monsoons. No traffic could move through the flooded roads. So there was a holiday.

Working With The Text

Qus.1 What does Nishad find out about Mr Nath from Ramesh? Arrange the information as

  • When he eats
  • What he eats.
  • What he drinks, and when
  • How he pays


  • Ramesh tells Nishad  that Mr. Nath eats two chapattis, some dal and a vegetable.
  • Ramesh tells Nishad that Mr. Nath takes his meal twice a day every morning and evening.
  • Ramesh tells Nishad that Mr. Nath drinks two cups of tea daily , one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Ramesh tells Nishad that Mr. Nath pays his bill in cash and gives tips generously.

Qus.2 Why does Maya think Mr Nath is a crook ? Who does she say the Sunday visitor is ?

Ans. Maya thinks Mr. Nath is a crook because he is a strange and unfriendly fellow. She thinks that his Sunday visitor might be his partner in crimes.

Qus.3 Does Nishad agree with Maya about Mr Nath? How does he feel about him ?

Ans. No, Nishad did not agree with Maya about Mr Nath. He feels that Mr. Nath is not a crook. He is an ordinary fellow. He is generous in paying tips to Ramesh.

Working with the Language:-

Qus.1 The word ‘tip’ has only three letters but many meanings. Match the word with its meanings below.

Ans. (i) finger tips – the ends of one’s fingers

(ii) the tip of your nose – the pointed end of your nose

(iii) tip the water out of the bucket – empty a bucket by tilting it

(iv) have something on the tip of your tongue – be about to say something

(v) tip the boat over- make the boat overturn

(vi) tip him a rupee – give a rupee to him, to thank him

(vii) the tip of the bat –  the end of the bat

(viii) the police were tipped off – the police were told, or warned

(ix) if you take my tip- if you take this advice

(x) the bat tipped the ball – the bat lightly touched the ball

Qus.2 The words helper, companion, partner and accomplice have very similar meanings, but each word is typically used in certain phrases. Can you fill in the blanks below with the most commonly used words? A dictionary may help you.

(i) Business ______

(ii) My _____ on the journey

(iii) I’m mother’s little ______

(iv) A faithful ____ such as a dog

(v) the thief’s _____

(vi) Find a good _____

(vii) Tennis/golf/bridge _____

(viii) His _____ in his criminal activities

Ans. Partner, companion, helper, companion, accomplice, companion, partner, accomplice

Qus.3 Now let us look at the uses of the word break. Match the word with its meaning below. Try to find at least three other ways in which to use the word.

Ans. (i) The storm broke :-  it began or burst to break into activity.

(ii) day break :-  the beginning of daylight.

(iii) His voice is beginning to break :-  changing as he grows up

(iv) Her voice broke and she cried :-  could not speak was too sad to speak.

(v) The heat wave break :-  this kind of weather ended.

(vi) Broke the bad news :-  gently told someone the bad news.

(vii)  Break a strike :- end it by making the workers submit.

(vii) Broke out :-  spread all over.

Speaking :-

Qus.1 Play detectives with each other. Find a person in your class (or some other acquaintance) to speak to. Find out the answers to the questions given below. Be careful to ask your questions in a polite and inoffensive way. Do not force the person to answer you. Then allow person to ask you the same questions.

(i) Name ?

(ii) What newspapers or magazines does the person read ?

(iii) How long has the person lived at the current address ?

(iv) What does she / he do during the day, i.e. the daily routine ?

(v) What do neighbours and friends say about the person ?

(vi) Who are his / her visitors and what are his / her eating habits ? ( You can ask a few others about this . )

(vii) What do you think about the person ?

Ans. (i) Rehman Khan .

(ii) The Hindustan Times ‘ and ‘ The Illustrated Weekly.

(iii) He has lived at the current address for more than one year.

(iv) He keeps lying on his bed all the day and the door of his room is always shut.

(v) Neighbours and friends say that he is an accentric fellow. He might be a thief or some criminal.

(vi) No one comes to meet him . He is not particular in his eating habits . He eats just a simple meal .

(vii) I think that he may be a patient of some mental disease.


Qus.1 Who do you think Mr Nath is ? Write a paragraph or two about him.

Ans. In my opinion Mr Nath might be a T.B patient. He is very thin. He is kept in a separate room. He is not mixed up with people. He is under a medical treatment of Nishad and Maya’s mother. Mr Nath’s meal is quite simple. He eats only two chapattis, some dal and a vegetable. All these descriptions show that he was a deserted man.

Qus.2 What else do you think Nishad and Maya will find out about him? How? Will they ever be friends ? Think about these questions and write a paragraph or two to continue the story.

Ans. Mother returned home in the evening from the clinic . “ Mamma , who is Mr Nath ? “ said  Nishad . The mother said , “ How do you know about Mr Nath ? “ “ Mom , we have seen him in your  clinic , “ said Maya , “ Oh yes !, “ mother said . “ He is a T.B. patient under treatment in my clinic . He belongs to some village in Gujarat . He works here in a factory . “ “ Maya says he is a crook run , “ said Nishad .

  “ How did you make this conclusion , Maya , “ said the mother . “ Because he has scars on his  body and he is very thin . Besides he is unfriendly to everyone . “ “ Oh dear ! he is a very polite fellow.  He is unfriendly to other because of his cronic  disease , “ said mother . “ What is your opinion about  Mr Nath as a crook on run , Maya ? “ said Seven . “ I’m sorry , “ said Maya . I am willing to meet  Mr Nath , mom “ “ Oh yes , why not ? “ said mother . “ You may come and meet him tomorrow in the afternoon in my clinic . “ The next day Maya and Nishad visited the clinic and had a hearty talk Mr Nath .

Qus.3 Conducting a Survey:-

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Step 1 : Study the following questionnaire and discuss the points in small groups .

 Step II : Collect information.   Contact people in the school / your locality and put these questions to them . Tick – mark ( ✓ ) their answers in the relevant column .

Step III : Analyse the result in the group by asking :-

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  • How many people think that a home is a place where you feel secure and happy ?
  • How many people think that a home isn’t a place where you feel secure and happy ?
  • How many people don’t know about it ?

Step IV : Present a brief oral report on the result of your survey . Use phrases such as the following

  • Most people think that ….
  • Few people think that …
  • Hardly anyone thinks that ….
  •  No one thinks that ….

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