NCERT Solutions Class 6 English Poem Chapter 4 Beauty

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Students can get through this article NCERT Solutions Class 6 English Poem Chapter 4 Beauty. Complete solution of Poem class 6 lesson 4 is given in this article. class 6 English book honeysuckle Poem question answer is completely free. Students can prepare for the examination in a better way with the help of question answers for class 6 English chapter 4. Let us then see below the ncert solutions for class 6 english Poem chapter 4 Beauty.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 English Poem Chapter 4 Beauty

The purpose of Poem class 6 chapter 4 questions and answers is only to give good education. NCERT Solutions Class 6 English Poem Chapter 4 Beauty prepared with the help of National Council of Educational Research and Training. The question answers of class 6th English book NCERT are designed keeping in mind the CBSE syllabus. Check out the NCERT solutions for 6th class English book lessons from below.

Class : 6
Subject : English Poem
Chapter : 4 Beauty

Working with the poem

Qus.1 The poet says, “Beauty is heard in…”

Can you hear beauty? Add a sound that you think is beautiful to the sounds the poet thinks are beautiful.

The poet, Keats, said:

Heard melodies are sweet,
But those unheard are sweeter.

What do you think this means? Have you ever ‘heard’ a song in your head, long after the song was sung or played?

Ans. A sound that is beautiful is the singing of a bird. Bird sounds enforce a human’s innate connection with nature; when birds sing, we know we are safe – when they quiet down, we panic. In the given lines, Keats says that when we hear melodies, we enjoy them Later when we think about those melodies  the music seem sweeter. This is because they evolve emotions in us as we hear the music in our heads and we appreciate its real beauty even more than we do when we are actually listening to those songs.

Qus.2 Read the first and second stanzas of the poem again. Note the following phrases.

Corn growing, people working or dancing, wind sighing, rain falling, a singer chanting

These could be written as

  • Corn that is growing
  • People who are working or dancing.

Can you rewrite the other phrases like this? Why do you think the poet uses the shorter phrases?

Ans. Wind sighing: Wind that is sighing

Rain falling: Rain that is falling

A singer chanting: A singer who is chanting.

The poet uses the shorter phrases because it is the poem.

Que 3- Find pictures of beautiful things you have seen or heard of.

Ans : Students should answer this question themselves.

Que 4 – Write a paragraph about beauty. Use your own ideas along with the ideas in the poem. (You may discuss your ideas with your partner.)

Ans : Students should answer this question themselves.

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