NCERT Solutions Class 8 English honeydew Chapter 6 This is Jody’s Fawn

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NCERT Solutions Class 8 English honeydew Chapter 6 This is Jody’s Fawn

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Class : 8
Subject : English honeydew
Chapter : 6 This is Jody’s Fawn

Comprehension check:-

Qus 1. What had happened to Jody’s father ?

Ans. Jody’s father was bitten by a poisonous snake.

Qus 2. How did the doe save Penny’s life ?

Ans. Penny killed the doe and used its heart and liver to draw out the snake’s poison. Thus Penny’s life was saved.

Qus 3. Why does Jody want to bring the fawn home?

Ans. The fawn’s mother was killed by Penny. Jody thinks that the fawn might be very hungry and scared. So Jody wants  to bring the fawn home.

Qus 4. How does Jody know that the fawn is a male ?

Ans. The spots on the fawn’s body were all in a line. Jody’s father told him that it was an indication of a male fawn.

Comprehension Check :-

Qus 1. Jody did not want Mill-wheel with him for two reasons. What were they ?

Ans. Jody didn’t want Mill-wheel with him for two reasons. Firstly, if the fawn was dead, or could not be found he could  not have his disappointment seen. Secondly, if the fawn was found, the meeting would be so lovely and so secret that he could not endure to share it.

Qus 2. Why was Mill-wheel afraid to leave Jody alone ?

Ans. Mill wheel was afraid that Jody might get lost  or might be bitten by the snake too.

Comprehension check:-

Qus 1.  How did Jody bring the fawn back home ?

Ans. Jody held  the fawn in his arms and brought him back home.

Qus 2. Jody was filled with emotion after he found the fawn. Can you find at least three word phrases which show how he felt ?

Ans. He was light-headed with joy. He wanted to fondle it. He wanted to run and romp with it.

Qus 3. Why did not the fawn follow Jody up the steps as he had thought it would ?

Ans. The fawn’s legs were not strong enough to go up the steps. So it did not follow Jody up the steps.

Working with the text :-

Qus 1. Why did Penny Baxter allow Jody to go find the fawn and raise it ?

Ans :- Penny Baxter had killed the doe to save his life from the poison of a snake. After the mother’s death, the fawn was all alone. Penny did not want it to die of starvation. So he allowed Jody to go find the fawn and raise it.

Qus 2.  What did Doc Wilson mean when he said, “Nothing in the world ever comes quite free ?

Ans. Doc Wilson meant to say that every service in this world demands something in return. Penny’s life was saved at the cost of the fawn’s mother. So now it was the duty of Penny’s family to take care of the young fawn.

Qus 3. How did Jody look after the fawn , after he accepted the responsibility for doing this ?

Ans. Jody looked after the fawn with love and affection. He taught it how to walk and  drink milk.

Qus 4. How does Jody’s mother react when she  hears  that he is going  to bring the fawn home ? Why does she react in this way ?

Ans. The mother was highly surprised to hear this. At that time, she was pouring coffee in cups. Hearing this ,  she held the coffee pot in mid air. She reacts in this way because they had nothing to feed the fawn.

Working with Language :-

1 . Look at these pairs of sentences.

Penny said to Jody, “Will you be back before dinner?”

 Penny asked Jody if he would be back before dinner.

How are you feeling, Pa?” asked Jody.

Jody asked his father how he was feeling.

Here are some questions in direct speech. Put them into reported speech.

(i) Penny said, “Do you really want it son?”

(ii) Mill-wheel said, “Will he ride back with me?”

(iii) He said to Mill-wheel, “Do you think the fawn is still there?”

(iv) He asked Mill-wheel, “Will you help me find him?”

(v) He said, “Was it up here that Pa got bitten by the snake?”


(i) Penny asked his son if he really wanted it.

(ii) Mill-wheel asked if he would ride back with him.

(iii) He asked Mill-wheel if he thought the fawn was still there.

(iv) He asked Mill-wheel if he would help him find him.

(v) He asked if it was up there that his Pa had got bitten by the snake.

2. Look at these two sentences.

He tumbled backward.

It turned its head.

The first sentence has an intransitive verb, a verb without an object.

The second sentence has a transitive verb. It has a direct object. We can ask : “What did it tum?” You can answer: “Its head. It turned its head.”

Say whether the verb in each sentence below transitive or intransitive. Ask yourself a ‘what’ question about the verb, as in the example above. (For some verbs, the object is a person, so ask the question “who’ instead of ‘what’).

  • Jody then went to the kitchen.
  • The fawn wobbled after him.
  • You found him.
  • He picked it up.
  • He dipped his fingers in the milk.
  • It belated frantically and butted him.
  • He lowered his fingers slowly into the milk.
  • It stamped its small hoofs impatiently.
  • He held his fingers below the level of the milk.
  • The fawn followed him.
  • He walked all day.
  • He stroked its sides.
  • The fawn lifted its nose.
  • Its legs hung limply.

Ans.  Intransitive, Intransitive, Transitive, Transitive, Transitive, Intransitive, Transitive, Transitive, Transitive, Transitive, Transitive, Intransitive, Transitive, Transitive, Intransitive.

3. Here are some words from the lesson. Working in groups, arrange them in the order in which they would appear in the dictionary. Write down some idioms and phrasal verbs.

close draw make wonder scrawny
parted clearing sweet light pick

Ans. Order in the dictionary:-

clearing, close, draw, light, make, parted, pick, scrawny, sweet, wonder

Idioms and phrasal verbs

  • Clearing  : Clearing house
  • Close : Close up, at close quarters, a close call, a close shave, a close to someone’s heart, close home, keep one’s cards close to one’s chest, keep a close eye, close around, close down, close in, close up , close with.
  • Draw : Beat to the draw, draw oneself up, luck of the draw, draw blood, draw in one’ horn, draw line, draw trumps, draw a blank, draw back, draw in, draw on, draw somebody on, draw up.
  •  Light: According to one’s lights, at first light, bring to light, come to light, in the light of, light up
  • Make : makes a bearing, make faces, make hay while the sun shines.
  • Parted: parted apart, parted away, parted over.
  • Pick : pick up, pick over, pick through.
  • Scrawny : scrawny neck, scrawny figure, scrawny outfit.
  • Sweet : sweeten up, sweet smell, sweet taste.
  • Wonder: wonder about, wonder at.


1 . Do you think it is right to kill an animal to save a human life ? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans. It is not right to kill an animal to save a human life. If human being can’t give life to any living  creature, then it has no right of taking life of any creature. All creatures are a creation of God. Every creature  has to play an important role in this creation. If human beings kill animals, God will be angry with them.  It will be purely a selfishness of human beings to kill an animal to save a human life.

2. Imagine you wake up one morning and find a tiny animal on your doorstep. You want it as a pet but your parents are not too happy about it. How would you persuade them to let you keep it? Discuss it in groups and present your arguments to the class.

Ans. I will put my strong arguments before my parents to make them fully convinced. I will tell them that this  little kitten is so helpless that if I don’t take care of it, it will be killed by stray dogs very soon. Being a merciful human being it becomes my foremost duty to save the life of this helpless kitten. I will assure them that will not be a little troublesome to anybody in the family. Showing pity to God’s creatures is to get the blessings of God.


1 . Imagine you have a new pet that keeps you  busy. Write a paragraph describing your pet the things it does , and the way it makes you feel. Here are some words and phrases that you could use.

          frisky, smart, disobedient, loyal, happy, enthusiastic, companion, sharing, friend, rolls in mud, dirties the bed, naughty, lively, playful, eats up food, hides the newspaper,  drinks up milk, runs away when called, floats on the water as if dead

Ans. My new pet is a little dog. Its name is Tommy.  It is a very lovely dog, It is frisky and smart. It is very much loyal and obedient to me. It remains always happy. It is very much enthusiastic in obeying my orders. It is a good companion of mine. We both are good friends and share many things. Sometimes it does some naughty mischief. It roll up into the mud and climbs on the bed. It makes the bed dirty. At this I rebuke it. It feels sorry for it. It drinks milk. Sometimes it runs away when I call it. Sometimes it floats on the water as if it is dead. Still I love my dog very much.

2. Human life is dependent on nature (that’s why we call her Mother Nature). We take everything from nature to live our lives. Do we give back anything to nature ?

(i) Write down some examples of the natural resources that we use.

Ans. We get fresh air, sweet water, minerals. soil, fruit, leaves, herbs, fuel wood, timber, food grains etc. from nature.

(ii) Write a paragraph expressing your point of view regarding our relationship with nature.

Ans. There is a close relationship between man and nature. Man is fully dependent on nature for the existence of his life on this earth. Man gets all his basic requirement fulfilled from nature. If man causes harm to nature, it means he causes harm to his own life. Thus man should to his sincere efforts to protect nature and do nature friendly activities.

3. In This is Jody’s Fawn, Jody’s father uses a ‘home remedy’ for a snake bite. What should a person now do if he or she is bitten by a snake? Are all snakes poisonous? With the help of your teacher and others, find out answers to such questions. Then write a short paragraph on –What to do if a snake chooses to bite you.

Ans. Jody’s father is bitten by a poisonous snake. He kills a doe and uses its liver and heart to save his life. It is a cruelty on Penny’s part to take the life of other creature to save his own life. It is purely selfishness. All snakes are not poisonous. If a person is bitten by a snake he should go to the doctor immediately. One should not be get panicked. He should act upon the doctor’s advice. One should abstain from going to persons performing tantra – mantra.

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